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Mother-Daughter Team

Carmen Maria & Adele Davalos Mitchell

Carmen is the founder and Executive Director of Redwood Theatre Company. Her mother Adele, founded the original SOL Club program at Lawrence Cook Junior High School  back in the 90's. 

Carmen and Adele now work together to bring the SOL Club back to life by creating intentional outreach programs that provide resources and education opportunities to the vulnerable, underserved youth of color our the community.


Student & Teacher Reunited

Gustavo Mendoza

Original SOL Club and current community leader, Gustavo Mendoza reconnected with his former art teacher, Mrs. Mitchell.


They had an idea... "What if we recreated the SOL Club for a new generation of kids? This time, including performing arts as well as visual arts."


The goal would be to create community, honor culture and encourage a lifelong interest in the arts. 

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