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 Honoring cultural heritage, strengthening community collaboration and providing arts opportunities to create positive social change.

Art Fun
Hip Hop Dancers


Redwood Theatre Company is the proud home to the SOL Community Arts Program. RTC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing professional productions and education programs to Sonoma County. Our mission is to make performance & visual art more accessible to the youth in our underserved communities.

Our goal is to share our passion and knowledge of visual and performing arts with the next generation, with intentional programming celebrating youth of color and honoring their culture.

We hope to create a designated space where youth of color will have a feeling of belonging with an opportunity for artistic self expression. We will establish mentorships with educators in the community to create future artists and future leaders. 

SOL Art Project promotes social harmony through art and cultural pride.


Adele Davalos Mitchell was the founding teacher of the SOL Club at Lawrence Cook Junior High School in 1994.


SOL originated as a way of resolving gang violence and successfully ended the gang fighting on campus by students focusing on cultural pride and giving back to their community.


Adele is currently writing a book about the story of the SOL Club.  Coming Soon! 

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Learn about the SOL Club History



  • Nurturing creativity

  • Teaching new visual and performing art skills

  • Intentional outreach

  • A designated space of belonging

  • Promoting friendship, art & community

  • Encourage lifelong interest in the arts

  • Create leaders through mentorship

  • Cultivate a space where youth of color are celebrated

  • Violence prevention

Upcoming Classes

SOL will be hosting a series of free Hip Hop dance, visual art, and acting/improv classes for the youth in our community. 

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